Blue Ridge Mountions


Welcome to the Blue Ridge Mountions

Have you ever more gorgeous then the Blue Ridge Mountains. They are a gorgeous range that extends from northern Georgia. It is 14 miles high in the sky. It takes 65 miles to get there. The reason I choose it was because it seemed very interesting because of its crystal blue skies.


To begin with the Blue Ridge Mountains are 14 miles up. They are black bears that live the mountains. It spread across sever states. It is also very pretty. Onto the next paragraph. We will talk about the land form.

What made the mountion

Next is what made the mountain. The land form was made by the Appalachia Mountains. And erosion could have made the mountain. That what made the mountain. Next it will be my opinion.


Black bears live in the mountains. But I would still like to go there. It would seem fun to go. I feel good about it. It would be a city if the mountains was not there. Or it would be a flat land.

the ending

I do think that people should go there. Because you would get to see a natural land. Those are the reason you would maybe like this place. Hope you liked my piece. Last if you go enjoy it is an amazing view.