And the way it effects people

The first to talk about is Hinduism.

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Hindu people believe in reincarnation and they use the caste system. They follow their dharma and karma. They do all this to reach moksha. Moksha is to be one with the gods. This effects a Hindus life because they have to watch everything the do so they can get into a higher caste and maybe reach moksha. Moksha is their final resting place in which they are one with the universe. It only stayed in India because of the caste system.
The Quest for God: Hinduism -
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The Buddha.

Sidhartha gutauma was a prince in India. He started meditating when he saw suffering. He made the eightfold path and the four noble truths. He believes if you stop desiring then there will be no more suffering.
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The 4 noble truths.

The first one is about suffering. The second one is about the causes of suffering. The third one is about how to end suffering. The fourth one is about how the eightfold path will take you away from suffering.
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People who practice Hinduism have their lives affected in a good way. They learn to respect nature and not to harm it.


Confucius was a man born in a bad time in Asia. There was lots of disorder. He then decided to stop the disorder. He established a new philosophy called Confucianism. This believes in filial piety. That means to respect your elders and superior ones.
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This affected people in Asia in a good way. It made order in Asia.
Filial Piety in Action: A short video