Daniel X Game Over

Book By: James Patterson and Ned Rust

By: Pranay Fadnis

229 Pages

It's Game On or GAME OVER


Daniel X is an normal boy. If you count hunting the most dangerous aliens in the galaxy and being an alien himself normal, that is. Daniel has the greatest power there is: the power to create. He and his friends(created by Daniel) have hunted the most dangerous aliens on the planet. Next up on the List of Alien Outlaws is a pair of treacherous and fatal aliens who live in Tokyo and own the biggest video game company in the world: Numbers 7 and 8. Their world domination plan is to control the minds of all the kids in the world through a video game! Will Daniel hunt these monsters or will he be the one hunted?


Be yourself. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I can relate to this because when I took orchestra my friends told me I should have taken P.E. I didn't let that change what I did. I did what I thought was right and stuck with orchestra. People tell us things to do that are not like us. Just be yourself and don't let anyone change that.