Your Brain on Drugs

Presentations will be Feb. 22nd & 23rd


Educate and raise awareness of how drugs affect the human body. You will use the presentation method Pecha Kucha.

There is no set time or number of slides since there are some drugs there is more information on and some drugs effect the body in more ways. However, make sure you are sticking to the point for your presentations. Presentations should not exceed 5 minutes.

Talking Points

  • Description of the drug including common and actual names
  • Effects of drug on other body systems
  • Effects of drug on the PNS
  • Effects of drug on the CNS
  • Effects of drug on neurotransmitters
  • Long and short term effects
  • Interesting facts and/or statistics
  • Supporting images & diagrams - CT, PET scan, MRI of you brain on the drug

What is Pecha Kucha?

How PechaKucha Changed My Life: Eddie Selover at TEDxOrlando
5 Tips to Pecha Kucha Excellence - Charles Greene III Presentation Magician

Each team members role and responsibility for pecha kucha

  • 3-4 talking point slides (visual, picture) - NO WORDS
  • Memorizing talking points for presentation on your slides

Last Slide of Your Presentation

Embed a link to your group's 20-30 second PSA - needs to be the "big picture", not necessarily specific to your group's drug

Check Point - Wednesday, 2/17

Notecards are due and should contain:

  • main idea or topic written on top line
  • talking points, bullets, script written below line
  • citation on back of card (Name of Source & URL)