firearm designer/technician

mike wales period 10


i want to pursue this career because I've always loved the feeling of fixing things and designing things that could be used in the future. Another reason i wanted to pursue this career is I've always had a passion for guns and the way they have worked, the kick it administers and the sound it makes as you pull the trigger. my final reason i want to pursue this career is i don't want people trying to protect our country to go without a well made weapon or a weapon that is not as strong as the gun the enemy has, so i want our soldiers to hold a weapon that wont fail them or if there weapon breaks they will have a person to fix it that knows what there doing.

career details

  • your duty is to respect all firearms and make sure all weapons are take care of and treated with respect like you would treat anything else
  • there is a location in Chicago Illinois
  • 45 hours a week and up to 12 hours a day

education needed

  • ballistics
  • metallurgy
  • chemistry
  • mechanical engineering.
  • schools like Illinois institute of technology

skills required

  • science
  • critical thinking
  • complex problem solving
  • judgement and decision making
  • systems analysis

job outlook/growth

10-year job growth: 31%
Total jobs: 50,000