Multiple Intelligences

By Katrina Moore

My Greatest Strengths

According to the simulation my greatest strengths were in Linguistic, Logico-mathematical, Musical, Bodily-kinesthetic, Naturalistic, and Intrapersonal intelligences. Linguistically I have many strengths when it comes to the written and spoken word. I can usually hear or see if there is an error in how something is written or spoken. A weakness I have is that at times I struggle with comprehension of certain subjects if I cannot connect with it. I can use my strengths to help my students learn proper English and I can use my weakness to help other students find connections in every subject they are learning. My strength in Logico-mathematical intelligence lies in my ability to think and act logically. I can usually reason through a problem to find the best logical outcome. Sometimes this hinders my ability to think of all possible options not just the logical ones. In a classroom I can help my students to solve problems by brainstorming all possible solutions and choosing the most logical one. My musical intelligence allows me to appreciate the creativeness and differences of music. I can sometimes get distracted easily by music. In my classroom I can expose my students to many different types of music so they can learn to be creative and have an open mind as well. In my daily life I use my strength of Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence to manage objects as well as people. My students will learn how body language and movements can have an influence on how you appear to others. My interest in herbs, plants, and animals is attributed to my naturalistic intelligence. In the classroom my students will learn some biology about plants and animals and how they are important for human survival. I perceive myself as having a strong intrapersonal intelligence. I know and accept the abilities, flaws, and desires that I have and use them to better myself and pursue my goals and dreams. I think students should all learn how to be aware of themselves so that they can work on their bad habits and know what they actually think and want so that they are not completely influenced by others.
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