What is it? Why should you care?

Desalination means a process that removes the excess salt and other minerals from water in order to be fresh water, suitable for animal or humans to drink. You should care because in around 20 years 47% of humans will be living in places that have serious water scarcity.

What efects dose desalition have on humans? The enviroment?

Desalination has a positive effect on humans because if we can purify the water so that we can drink it with out getting sick or feeling thruster. Desalination has a different effect on the environment. In the video down billow it say that for every 2 liters of sea water you get one liter of very salty water and one liter of drinkable water, but the put the salty water back into the the sea. This will eventually throw of the balance.

No matter what there will be exes salt some where

how do you do it?

Technology defaces every day but there is 2 ways to do it. The mane way is called " Malty stage Flash distillation" Witch uses Heat to evaporate the water leaving the salt behind. The other way is called " reversed Osmosis desalination" witch pumps water through Filtration membranes
"Drinking from the sea": how and why sea water is desalinated (motion design)

this all is salt that came out the desalination process.

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What are the effects on water

The effects on water is purifying the water.