Mrs. Reynolds' 3rd Grade Newsletter

March 18, 2016 - Week of 25th and 26th

Up Coming Events and Stories

Up Coming Events:

March 22

Major Saver Assembly, 9:45 AM

Spring & Class Pictures

March 24

Student Holiday

March 25

Student & Staff Holiday

March 31

TELPAS Reading - Grade 3, 8:00 AM

April 1

Ocean Adventure Program, 7:50 AM

Up Coming Stories:

Week 26 - Animal Homes in Texas Treasures

Week 27 - The Jones Family Express in Texas Treasures

Week 28 - Charlotte's Web novel by E.B. White

Week 29 - Charlotte's Web novel by E.B. White

Reading passages - Each Friday reading passages are sent home in your child's planner. They are to be completed using PIRATE strategies and returned the following week by Thursday. Next week we have a short week, so students will turn them in on Wednesday. What I am seeing is that some of the same students are NOT using PIRATE and they are missing a lot of answers. Any help on your end to see that they are reading and understanding what they have read is greatly appreciated.

Reading and Writing

Reading - Week 25 students read a folktale called Nacho and Lolita in Texas Treasures. The skills we worked on were: theme, reading comprehension, and synonyms. The vocabulary terms students worked with were: brilliance, preparations, affection, guarantee, pleaded, exhausted.

Week 26 - This week we read a nonfiction story called Animal Homes in Texas Treasures. The skills wee worked on were: text features, main idea and details, and homophones. The vocabulary terms students used were: architects, contain, shallow, retreats, structures, and shelter.

Target Reading - Students read a nonfiction story called Flamingos. They created sentences using proper nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and looked for the main idea in the story.

Writing - The last few weeks students have written samples for TELPAS. These samples have been added to their writing portfolios and will be sent home at the end of the year. The topics they focused on were: Write about a memorable moment or something you did over Spring Break. Another was write about a time you helped someone. How did it make you feel and would you change anything about that day. In math they wrote about UPS check strategy and science they wrote about what they knew about the solar system.

I have seen a lot of progress in each of my student's writings. .They are still working on meaningful endings and great beginnings, but with continued practice they will develop their skills.

Social Studies

Unit 6 and 8 will be tested on next week. Students have worked on researching historical figures and learning about inventors such as Jonas Salk, Maria Mitchell, Phyllis Wheatley, Cyrus McCormick, Bill Gates, Louis Pasteur, Helen Keller, Ruby Bridges, and some key astronauts. Please have your child look over their notes page on Unit 8 in their Dodd folder.

Spelling and CUPS

week 25 focused on double consonants in the middle of the word and homophones: hole, whole, knight, night.

CUPS - the skills was homophones

week 26 focused on double consonants + y and the homophones great, grate, cheep, and cheap.

CUPS - the skill was capitalization of proper nouns