The Wildcat Pride

December 2018


The second semester is quickly winding down. We are so proud of our students and staff for making this first semester such a success. We sincerely hope everyone has a wonderful winter break. Please enjoy December's monthly newsletter, and don't forget to check us out on social media!

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A Note from Dr. Wolfe

Greetings Wildcats,

As we finish our first semester, it has been an honor to serve as principal of Queen Creek

Middle School and witness firsthand our students displaying their #wildcatpride. Students and staff have worked exceptionally hard to pursue academic excellence and extracurricular success. Collectively, our staff and students have bonded together and are committed to taking care of each other as a Wildcat family.

The holiday season can be stressful for many, yet I continue to witness acts of kindness and

gratitude on a daily basis. These sincere acts are irreplaceable and demonstrate our mission in action – striving to empower civically minded learners by providing a positive school culture through a safe and challenging educational experience. Our staff will continue to work diligently to ensure students learn not only the academic skills required to be career and college ready, but also be prepared socially and emotionally for the 21st century marketplace.

On behalf of our entire Queen Creek Middle School staff and administration, we wish you a

happy holiday season. Our hope is that each of you will find time to rest, relax, and recharge so that we can continue to create a culture of achievement through Wildcat Pride when we return for the spring semester. Thank you for your commitment to excellence and we look forward to welcoming back our students on January 7, 2019!!!


Dr. Wolfe


Queen Creek Middle School

Athletics Spotlight

QCMS Wildcats finished the season off strong with 8th grade girls softball making an appearance in the EVC semi-final game. The girls played an outstanding game!! Josh E. finished in the boys EVC cross-country placing 9th overall out of 238 runners. Way to go Josh!

Wildcat Athletics wishes a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our athletes, families, and fans. Third quarter sports will begin January 8th and will consist of girls basketball, boys soccer, and co-ed wrestling. Follow us on twitter at qcms_athletics for up to date information, scores, and pictures!
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Counselor Connection

We were happy to welcome Empact Suicide Prevention Center to speak to our 8th grade students. Empact taught our students ACT - Acknowledge, Care, Tell. The students learned what signs someone may exhibit if he or she is having thoughts of suicide. Their main goal is for students to recognize when someone else is in pain, and then to know who to turn to for help.

Empact was also gracious enough to offer two mental health counselors who were available for any students who felt like they needed their assistance after the presentations. We are very grateful to Empact and look forward to continuing to work with them.

We are also very excited to announce that we have created a Twitter account. Our goal is to improve our communication and have another means of connecting with our staff, students, and their families. Check us out! @QCMSCounseling

AVID Monthly

AVID students and staff have been working hard to bring the holiday spirit to campus. All students participated in a college-themed ornament decorating contest. Ornaments are on display in the front office and on the A building bulletin board. We have college on the brain at QCMS!

AVID Movie Night was a success! Everyone had a great time together watching Elf and enjoying hot cocoa and other yummy snacks. Thank you for helping us create such a fun night!

We would also like to announce that the second annual College and Career Day will be held on Tuesday, March 5th from 8:45-1:05. We are looking for some guest speakers that can speak with our students about their specific profession. If you are interested, please complete the form below. Thank you for your help in making this our most successful event to date!

Career Guest Speaker Interest Form

Huge round of applause for HOSA

Aden Ramirez, State HOSA advisor, presented the QCMS HOSA chapter with the Arizona HOSA Chapter Award. The QCMS HOSA chaper is the 1st middle school in state history to achieve this honor. The program is designed for chapters to receive recognition for success in and out of the classroom and to keep membership strong and active. Congratulations!
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Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!

QCMS hosted a Santa Event for students from self-contained learning centers in QCUSD. Visiting with Santa, snowman bowling, crafts, and karaoke were just a few of the activities available. This event was organized by Mr. and Mrs. Huber and Mrs. Alaniz with assistance from Mrs. Raymond (QCE), Mr. Fuller (QCMS), and several QCMS student volunteers. This year, a total of 29 children participated in the event. What a success!

Podcast 101

Media students are working on creating podcasts for the NPR Student Podcast Contest. Some student topics include: what kids understand but adults do not (FOMO, technology "dependence", pop culture); showing both sides of a debate (original movies vs sequels; video games vs playing outside), and highlighting historical events in Queen Creek or QCMS, to name a few.

Floatin' in the Parade

A group of band students rocked the Queen Creek Holiday Parade. Thank you for representing and showing your #WildcatPride!

High School is just around the corner!

Huge Wildcat thank you to Queen Creek High School for an amazing assembly to introduce the 8th graders to what the Performing Arts Department has to offer! Our students were fortunate enough to hear from the band, orchestra, choir, drama department, and many more amazing things offered at QCHS.

Step into the Nurse's Office

Let’s fight the flu together!

Influenza is a contagious disease of the respiratory tract (nose, throat, and lungs) that can lead to serious complications, including pneumonia and the worsening of other chronic health conditions. Flu symptoms may include fever, headache, extreme tiredness, dry cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, and muscle aches. The best way to protect your family from new influenza strains is to get vaccinated each year.

The top five most virus-contaminated areas in the home are:

1. Telephones (have you cleaned your cell phone lately)

2. Appliances such as the refrigerator and microwave

3. Faucets

4. Light switches and door handles

5. TV remotes

Follow good health guidelines: eat right, exercise, and get plenty of rest to help boost your immunity to fight the effects of colds and flu. Wash hands frequently, do the elbow cough, and disinfect hot spots at school, work, and home. Treat the symptoms if you must, but avoid giving aspirin to children because it may cause a rare but serious illness called Reye syndrome.

Enjoy a healthy holiday season!

Wildcat Trivia

What is Mrs. Nichols's favorite Christmas song?

A) Jingle Bell Rock

B) Silent Night

C) Let It Snow

D) Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Answer - A