Unity and Goodwill

The Gold Coast way

It is currently estimated that 13% of Orange County or nearly 400,000 individuals that struggle with hunger in Orange County. Children and seniors make up 50% of those in need of food assistance. Families who once were able to contribute to their community are now finding themselves out of work for extended periods of time and in need of a hand up to make ends meet. Others who are working for a much lower salary and have to choose between paying the rent and putting food on the table can now turn to their local pantry for food assistance.

How can we help?

Volunteering your time is as valuable as monetary donations. Volunteers bring their hearts and their hands to their work at Second Harvest Food Bank. Your work is vital to Second Harvest's common mission of alleviating hunger in our community.


Donating your time to help a greater good is gratifying. It will enliven your soul and help fill your cup.

In honor of you, Davita will reward you by filling your tummy with delicious food from Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill.