Fasting: What To Know

By: Kelsey Law and Carson Stanley

What is Fasting?

Fasting is one of the five pillars in the Islamic faith. To fast is to abstain from drinks and food, as well as smoking and sexual relations.

Why is fasting Practiced?

The act of fasting is to bring a better awareness of God's presence. It also helps those who are in fasting realize their own gratitude for God's provisions.
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When Is Fasting Preformed?

Fasting is preformed between sunrise and sunset each day in the month of Ramadan. Which is the ninth month in the Islamic calender.


-Ramadan means "scorching" in Arabic.

-Some Muslims don't fast for medical reasons

-People who fast have a better mental state

-Ramadan has been thought to of originally started in the summer, because of the translations of Ramadan being "hot" or "scorching".

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In today's society, when we don't have a distraction, like phones or relationships, we start to realize the world around us. We become aware of new things and sometimes become closer in our own faiths. In reading many peoples experiences with fasting, they said they started to realize the world they're in because they couldn't eat or drink, so their minds were more open to the air around them.