Internet Safety

Be safe online!

Here are some ways to stay saafe online:

To avoid predators:

  • Only let those you know follow you
  • Be a private account
  • Never meet online friends offline


1. Never put your personal information in you bio, such as:

  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Address

2. Don't write in your age, school or grade in you bio

3. Don't tell wear you go afterschool/ on weekends

Profile picture:

  • Never let you school logo be seen
  • Never let your house/address be seen in the photo
  • make the photo age appropriate


  • Never post inappropriate things
  • Never post your location
  • Never post your personal information

Nothing is ever really deleated:

  • Just because you press delete it doesn't mean it cant be pulled back up
  • Snapchat photos can always be returned
  • Don't send inappropriate things because you think it will be deleted once they see it