Romeo Dallaire

Leadership Traits

About Romeo Dallaire

  • Born on June 25, 1946 (59)
  • Born in Denekamp, Netherlands
  • Moved to Canada and grew up in the eastern area of Montreal
  • graduated from the Royal Military College with a Bachelor of Science degree
  • started military career during the cold war.

How is Romeo Dallaire a Leader?

  • Romeo Dallaire was a part of the Canadain Military Dallaire
  • Appointed Force Commander of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Rwanda before the 1994 massacre.
  • Dallaire gave the United Nations info about the planned massacre, which took more than 800,000 lives in less than 100 days.

What actions did Romeo Dallaire take to show leadership?

  • Dallaire convinced some Ghanaian soldiers and military observers to not leave Rwanda in order to protect those who needed protection.
  • He took control of the United Nations Observer Mission in Uganda and Rwanda
  • After he retired he worked with the Canadian public about the effects of war
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3 leadership traits: Nelson Mandela

  1. "Know your enemy- and learn about his favourite sport"
  2. "Courage is not the absence of fear it is inspiring others to move beyond it"
  3. "Quitting is leading too"
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"Know your enemy- and learn about his favourite sport"

  • Dallaire was aware of the genocide before it happened
  • he knew about the Hutu rebels plans
  • he knew they were going to cause violence so he tried to fight back with peacekeeping strategies

"Courage is not the absence of fear it is inspiring others to move beyond it"

  • Dallaire had the courage to stay behind after the UN withdrew from Rwanda
  • he influenced others to stay in Rwanda as well
  • he tried his best to stay calm
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"Quitting is leading too"

  • he tried to protect the people who were affected from this
  • he did not receive enough help from the United Nations so he eventually left Rwanda
  • he knew he lost but he knew when to quit
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