Slavery From Another View

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The Auction

Going once... going twice... SOLD! Tears rush down my dirt covered face as my mom and dad are separated from my me. I let out a stifled cry and suddenly realize I'm next. I take a glance at my pale teary eyed brother. I wanted to run but the auctioneer jerked me up towards the front of the stage. He takes out a long thick whip. Ma used to tell me about the beatings she got and showed me her scars. I cringed at the thought of me working out on the fields night till dark doing my owners needs. He shot out the whip and it crackled against my back. I jumped up, my back thrashing with pain. I hear one of the white owners mutter something about me being tough enough for work in the fields. '' Three hundred! '' The auctioneer yelled. Then the bidding begun. '' Five hundred, six hundred!'' The white owners screamed out prices. I panic. I had to do something. '' Two thousand dollars!'' said a white owner.'' SOLD!'' The white auctioneer walks me down to my new master pushing me along the way. I hear my brother yell out my name. I reach out my hand and wish I was back in the slaves quarters with my family. I know it wasn't much of a good thought to remember but I missed my family. The auctioneer raised his whip and strikes me across the back. I was hopeless, I couldn't do anything. The auctioneer threw me against my new owner. He stared at me with this evil grin on his face and took me by my arm and put me in the back of his truck. After that he drove away, and I never saw my family again.

A shocking interview with Fredrick Douglass

Amora: Right now I am interviewing with the famous Fredrick Douglass to ask him questions about his early life and the steps of becoming free. So start us out about you're work on the plantation,
Fredrick: Well for a start as a young boy, I pulled the weeds in the cornfields and helped the elders with their work and took care of the cattle.
Fredrick: And while we worked in the fields the overseer would watch over us clutching the whip waiting for one of us to make a move.
Amora: Interesting, Ok while you were escaping as a sailor, what were some obstacles you faced? Fredrick: Well first escaping as a sailor wasn't easy. White passangers eyeing me along the way but in1838I made it to New York and

Harriet Beecher Stowe's Life

One of the thirteenth children born in Connecticut, Harriet Beecher Stowe was taught not to like slavery when she became older she published her first book Uncle Tom's Cabin that told a story of a mistreated slave and the pain that slaves went through that put readers in the book so they could a better understanding of what it was like to be a slave and how it should be illegal. When she finished her first now she had published over thirty books and novels of why they should have an anti- slavery country. In the end some of the people began to hate slavery and fought for slaves rights. Then on July 1, 1896 by the age of eighty five of old age. But even though she was gone many people honored her

August July 21, 1861

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