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December 21 - Week 19

Upcoming Events


  • 24th - Winter Recess begins

  • 4th - Back to School
  • 4th Partnership Conversation with Principal Wright - 7pm
  • 5th DS Mtg TW - 8:30 to 10am
  • 6th CSI - Collaborative Inquiry
  • 7th College A Cappella Choir Performance - 7pm
  • 8th GeoBee - 8 - 9:30am
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Remember, Wednesday is Ugly Sweater Day!

Dec. 23d Schedule---Check with your Team Leader

12 Days Before Vacation Suprises

We hope you are enjoying a different way to count down to Winter Break as much as we are. Keep looking out in your email or on the countdown smore for updates.
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Teacher of the Year

It is that time of year again, to start thinking about nominating one of our very own stellar teachers here at KP! Yes, we are all too modest to want to be nominated, but please consider it if you are nominated! And, please consider nominating a fellow teacher.

FORMS for nominations are in the office on the table in front of our mailboxes. Please fill it out and send it inter-office to HR Room 408 ATTN: Gert Perry by JAN. 7th!

Wellness News

Passing of the Rocks

Mei-Ling Caldera is passing the Staff Wellness rock on to Denise deMello. Denise, you have an amazing ability to come up with the right resources we teachers can use. You make our jobs much more efficient and effective. You are always willing to help and respond so quickly and enthusiastically. Thank you for supporting staff wellness here at KP!

Matt Bannon is passing the Student Success rock to Megan Cassidy. Recently, I went to Megan's art room during lunch to drop off a pair of glasses for a student. During this lunch period, there were over twenty 7th graders working on their art projects. Megan was helping the students complete final touches to their projects since the rotation was almost over. Megan consistently has students come to art during lunch and learning lab to finish projects and get extra help. She is dedicated to helping all her students find success in 7th grade art. You rock Megan!"

Marisa Tamayo is passing the Community Engagement Rock to Maria Marchese. She engages the community in so many different ways, always graciously but oftentimes quietly. She recently opened the Coffee House for business, engaging our special needs students with the KP staff to thankfully offer a warm cup o’ joe in the morning. She facilitates community visits on a regular basis with our special needs students to local supermarkets and restaurants. She is in constant communication with her students’ families connecting the families to their child’s education. She started and continues to be involved with Lend-A-Hand that organizes a number of service projects that engage KP students with KP staff, with the West Hartford community and with the world at-large. She will attend other after-school activities so that her students are involved with the KP community and vice versa. Maria goes to great lengths and works tirelessly to support her students while also engaging the community. Thank you, Maria, for being a part of the KP community and helping us be a part of yours!

Things Noticed . . .

  • Art students discussing, in awe, chalk art in preparation to apply some of the techniques to their own work.
  • 6th grade parents , students and teachers working on books for children who are patients at Children's hospital.
  • 7th graders talking about math as they participated in station rotations when reviewing their knowledge of percents.
  • Teachers enjoying special events sponsored by administration
  • Teachers using mistakes children make and use them as teachable moments to allow children to grow
  • 7th grade social studies students using low and high tech tools to create and share their Sumerian Villages
  • Teachers using positive messages to encourage students to perform at a higher level and building relationships at the same time.
  • Some teachers adhering to the CHARTER by having crucial conversations leading to a positive environment
  • Language Arts teachers giving students flexibility in ways of beginning assignments which led to increased student engagement
  • Humor in class to engage students
  • Art students learning the basics of how to draw and shade human eyes and noses
  • Two APs using their knowledge and skill set to help students stay focused on their purpose.

You're a GEM

  • Abigail Condon from colleague Matt Bannon for filling in for me as a chaperon at the 7th grade concert when I was out sick that day. It was greatly appreciated!
  • Maria Marchese from colleague Justin Gusy for helping a student and parent reach a common understanding with the school.

  • Anne Higgins from colleague Justin Gusy for helping a student and parent reach a common understanding with the school.

  • Alana Cosgrove, Dani Brown, Kim Springman, and others from colleague Justin Gusy for extraordinary patience and creative problem solving.

  • Joy Wright and Marc Kotler from colleague Justin Gusy for making the 12 days before Winter Vacation come to life while managing all of their other responsibilities.

  • Shoshana LaPointe and Margie Scobbo from colleague Justin Gusy for mobilizing parent/guardian support to get thier students’ children's books assembled.
  • Eric Fisher and Courtney Baron from colleague Danielle Drozd for creating 6 amazing learning stations for our math students and for sharing all of their hard work with me even though I had to run home quick.

  • Karen Walsh and Susanne Torcasio from colleague Joy Wright for your continued dedication and support in serving our staff as I share my "crazy" ideas.

Humor Moment: These cracked me up and I had to share!

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