Knowlege of Roman society

By: Alessandra & Ariana


~ Ariana

The males citizens enjoy doing the rights and being able to vote. All the womens had limited to be voting for others & some werent able to vote or to have a goverment with them. The slaves before had a the property with the rights and had small chances of freedom. Freedmen were slaves before they were able to be limited on their rights.
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Roman citizenship


The rights of the citizens where that they were able to vote, hold civil and government officals office, and write contracts. Romans would write contracts and own there own property and they were also able to go to court. The citizenship belonged to an all free, law-abiding people. The Roman law is a legal system of ancient Rome which includes Military Jurisdiction and legal developments spamming which was over a thousand years of jurispruduce from the 12 tanles.



There where punishments in Rome. Some were that you had to fit the crime committed with fines which was money, beatings, and banishment. You had to sometimes leave Rome do slavery or execution if guilty or treason. Patricide would kill your father and then he was punished by being drowned in a river. Amother way to show punishment was for slaves they would be beaten down, have harder work , or they were often crucifed.
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Laws in Rome were really important. Laws were focused on marraige, inhertiance, and also on what a family will get when a family memeber died. Contracts were bettwen people on Rome and laws were written.
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