7 Maroon Newsletter

What's Happening in January!

Welcome to 7 Maroon!

This monthly newsletter is to inform 7 Maroon families about what's happening on our team and in each of our classrooms. Here are some important announcements:

Dates to Know:
-Jan 6th: All students return and second semester/third quarter begins

-Jan 6th and 7th: No block schedule

-Jan 12th: Math STAR Test

-Jan 18th: No School--Martin Luther King Day

-Jan 19th: Language Arts STAR Test

Be sure to check out teachers' individual webpages for calendars and class specific resources. Click HERE to go to the team's page.

Social Studies

Students will spend the first week discussing the origins of Judaism, Christianity, and Buddhism. We will be in the LMTC for a few days using databases to perform research. Students will use their information to create a summary or short story.

We will also begin our unit on China. Students will learn about China's geography, food, and culture. We will explore each dynasty and the contributions they made to the country and the world.


We are going to begin our study in Genetics. Students will be looking a the way traits are passed from one generation to the next. We also study what factors may influence how traits may be passed on , or lost through generations.
Please see Mr. Ortiz's website for details about specific dates.

Language Arts & Advanced Language Arts

Both classes will start the semester with Historical Fiction--specifically, we will delve into medieval times. Both classes will read a novel in class, though the title choices will vary. Along with the novel, students will learn about the context of their stories through lectures, activities, and videos. Vocabulary and outside reading will resume as well.

Dates to Know:

-Jan 6th: LA Quarter 3 Vocab Pre Test

-Jan 8th: Information Literacy Lesson for all classes

-Jan 19th: all classes STAR Test

-Feb 2nd: MI Projects DUE for LA

-Feb 2nd: Essay Rough Drafts DUE for ALA

Math (Grade Level and Accelerated)

Welcome Back and Happy New Year,

In grade level, we are applying what we have learned regarding solving equations to help us solve inequalities. We are planning to take a short test on inequalities on Friday the 15th. After that, we will begin proportions and proportional reasoning.

In Accelerated, we have begun our unit on quadratics. We will be learning to translate between quadratic equations, situations, graphs, and tables. we will also learn how to solve quadratics using factoring, the zero-property, completing the square and using the quadratic formula. The date for the unit test is still to be determined. That being said, we will have a quiz or two between now and then.

As we did last semester, late HW is due the Friday of the following week without a penalty. After that, it is accepted for partial credit. The only change I am making to the grade book is that I will be recording non-absence related late HW as a "missing". Once the deadline has passed, the grade book will show "zero/missing." This will give you a more accurate read on their current grade.