Successful November Debate Academy!

Reflections from Debaters

A few months ago, I did my first debate class. Since then, I've loved it!

Debating helps me develop skills such as seeing other points of view, public speaking, and thinking outside the box. I love all of the classes, but enjoy the British Parliamentary style because it challenges me! I look forward to learning more about debate and making my speeches clear and well-structured.

I would definitely recommend debate to a friend. I'm so glad I discovered this new passion!

Grace K.

Grade 8

Home School Debater

SEDA successfully transitioned to online programming by creating Debate Academy: virtual classes for youth grades 5 to 12 to learn about debate, build confidence, and develop skills such as critical analysis and persuasive speaking.

Our online programming has exceeded our expectations and has come with unexpected added expenses.

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November 7th British Parliamentary Tournament

The theme of this tournament was Privacy and Your Personal Data. Congratulations to all participants!

The three motions were:

  • This house regrets the development of facial recognition software/technology

  • This house would ban companies from collecting user-level data for the purpose of advertising

  • This house would require internet and communications corporations to provide personal information to police

Thank you to all our volunteer judges who made this event possible.

Tournament Results

Junior Speakers
  1. Isabelle M, Bedford Road Collegiate
  2. Saharo B, Aden Bowman Collegiate
  3. Lucas T, Walter Murray Collegiate

Junior Teams

  1. Isabelle M & Mahrukh H, Bedford Road Collegiate
  2. Sahasro B & Lucas T, Aden Bowman Collegiate/Walter Murray Collegiate
  3. Louis P.D & Lucas L, Greystone Heights
Open Speakers
  1. Carrick P, Walter Murray Collegiate
  2. Victor W, Bedford Road Collegiate
  3. Kaia B, Bedford Road Collegiate

Open Teams

  1. Carrick P & Victor W, Walter Murray Collegiate
  2. Bridget S & Kaia B, Bedford Road Collegiate
  3. Rohan N & Will S, Centennial Collegiate

National Public Speaking Championships

The National Public Speaking Championships will be hosted online by St. John’s-Ravenscourt School, Winnipeg Manitoba from February 5th to 7th 2021.

This is a high school tournament consisting of four events: impromptu speaking, persuasive speaking, interpretive reading, and parliamentary debating.

SEDA will provide preparation workshops for those interested. More details are provided on our website HERE.

November 28th Elementary Tournament

Our tournament motion was this house would charge health care user fees to individuals whose health issues are related to their unhealthy lifestyles.

Thank you to all our volunteer judges who came out to judge our grade five to eight students!

Tournament Results

Beginner Speakers
  1. Luke M, SHED
  2. Sumaysha W, Silverspring School
  3. Aleezah A, Sylvia Fedoruk School

Beginner Teams

  1. Luke M. & Nicolas G, SHED
  2. Farah Ahmed & Aleezah Abass, Sylvia Fedoruk
  3. Sumaysha W & Sarah W, Silverspring School/Sylvia Fedoruk School
Intermediate Speakers
  1. Lucas L, Greystone Heights School
  2. Abinhav M, Dr. John G. Egnatoff School
  3. Samuel W, Greystone Heights School

Intermediate Teams

  1. Lucas L & Samuel W, Greystone Heights School
  2. Abhinav M & Lucas B, Dr. John G. Egnatoff School/Silverspring School
  3. Afrukhta S & Jotiraditya G, Greystone Heights School/Dr. John G. Egnatoff School

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