Overcoming Obstacles

By Matthew S., Daniel L., Hunter D., Timothy W.


There everywhere you look some overcome them in different ways than others. There are different obstacles for different people. The most common obstacles are Physical and Mental. A physical obstacles would something that you have to physically overcome. A mental obstacle would be a mental obstacle that you have to overcome.

Physical Obstacles

A physical obstacle is a obstacle that you have to overcome physically, like climbing a Mountain. When people overcome these obstacles they feel better about themselves and it makes them feel accomplished. They feel emotionally and physical strong because they accomplished their goal.

Mental Obstacles

Mental Obstacles are also very challenging just like physical obstacles. These mental obstacles can cause you to second guess yourself and think you are wrong or that your not good enough. An example of a mental obstacle would be a young teen thinking they have no reason to be alive.

What are the Crusades?

The Crusades were a medieval military expedition, one of a series made by Europeans to recover the Holy Land from the Muslims in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries - Google.com. The Goal of the Crusades were to retake the Holy Lands.

How It Relates to the Crusades

Overcoming Obstacles relates to the Crusades because people on both sides had the obstacle to either take Jerusalem of Defend Jerusalem.

How It Relates to Modern Day

People overcome obstacles everyday doing things like Climbing Mountains, and challenging their fears.

How It Relates to our Narratives

Matthew's Narrative was about overcoming a mental and physical obstacle. Timothy's narrative was about him overcoming a heavy emotional obstacle at a very young age. Hunters narrative is about him overcoming a strong emotional obstacle. Daniel's narrative is overcoming the fear of heights.

Overcoming Obstacles Poem

Courage sometimes is the quietest voice
That roars loudest from within,
Making faith a distinctive choice
And compelling motivation to try again.

When obstacles invariably come your way,
Into every direction that you have turned,
A thousand misery comes in a friendlier display
To take away the strength that you have gained.

Faith stands strong like a colossal wall of courage,
Ready to do the things that you could not do.
Bold in confidence with a conquering message,
Making difficult boundaries appeared new.

You can go on overcoming obstacles,
Which at first looked almost impossible,
Success is not worth having if there are no mistakes,
There is an ability that lies beyond the solar pole.

Gerry Legister

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