Snowmobile saftey

Chance W Zach N 8th hour

Our topic is about snowmobile safety and how to make it safer when you ride. And how do avoid wrecks

Some safety tips

* always make sure your machine is in top working order

* always wear warm close and be well prepared

* be aware of your machines capability and don't go above it

* always be aware of changing weather

* always test the ice before you try and cross its

* slow down on turns.

* try to avoid things like railroad crossings/logging operations

If your not careful You could damage Yourself or you snowmobile

You could avoid some of these bad wrecks/accidents is by always follow simple thing like speed limits. don't try and climb steep inclines. don't drink and ride. don't hydro plane it dangerous and illegal. never ride alone you don't know what could happen and its also nice to have someone who can help you in bad spot. Always stay on the trail to avoid hitting trees and other objects.

Here's a video about snowmobile saftey/examples of what could happen if you don't follow the safety rules