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Need Help with your Middle/High School student?

What is the Challenge Program?

Wonder what you'll do for your middle or high school student now that he is becoming more "challenging?" Maybe your child just needs more of a challenge with her studies. Use the Classical Method in the Classical Conversations' Challenge programs and watch your student grow in ways you never imagined! Challenge is an aptly named program covering a FULL curriculum of subjects for middle and high school students, age 12 years and older.

Join us at the Window into Challenge on Tuesday, January 26, 2016, at our Paris Community.

We will discuss the curriculum, the schedule and the costs. I will have copies of a Guide, book samples, and pictures. Lots of Q & A time too!

Window Into Challenge

Tuesday, Jan. 26th 2016 at 3:15pm

Grace Lutheran Church, 711 South Main Street, Paris, IL, United States

Parents and students are welcome to attend to find out more. We are inviting families who are interested in Challenge Programs in Charleston & Tuscola, as well as Paris.
Window to Challenge Presentation

What is Classical Conversations?

What are the levels of Challenge & what would work for your child?

Have your questions answered about registration, costs, & more.

Challenge programs are starting! Come meet others who are interested!

RSVP to Leesa Chesnut Lchesnut@classicalconversations.com

Contact me for questions or to RSVP