NBFAP Weekly Newsletter

Volume I Issue II

What's Happening This Week...

Wednesday October 21:

Homework Club @ 6:30 pm

Bible Study @ 7 pm

Friday October 23:

Couples Ministry Outing @ 7:15 pm: All married couples are invited to join the Couples Ministry at Cheddars in Killeen. Please RSVP by noon on October 23.

Saturday October 24:

Youth Rehearsal @ 10 am: Preparation for the Christmas Banquet

Evangelism Outreach @ 10 am

Sunday October 25:

Casual Sunday

Hospitality/Christmas Banquet Planning Meeting @ 8 am

Time of Knowledge @ 9:30 am

Sunday Service @ 11:15 am

Hebrews Cafe will be selling dinners following service. This month's featured dish is rotisserie chicken.

Your Contributions

As we approach the end of the year, we ask that you begin to review your 2015 contributions for accuracy. Should there be any questions or concerns regarding your financial records please see Minister Johnson as soon as possible. For log in assistance, please see Administration.

NBFAP Finance

Just in Case You missed it...

Last Saturday NBFAP Men's Department hosted the Annual Community Giveaway. As we came together as a ministry to give back to the community, there was an abundance of donations provide by you! The setting was lively and busy and the atmosphere was joyful and fun. A visitor from the community, Hector, said " I appreciate the giveaway. It feels good to know I had a place to hep me get on my feet." Not only was the community blessed, we were blessed as well. Deaconess Russell said, "It's awesome! People get to take what was a part of them and give to others."

Reported by: Shannon Pulley

Written by: Andrea Bullard

Why We Evangelize

As we go throughout our Christian walk, we sometimes loose sight of our purpose as Christians, and that is to fulfill the Great Commission. "What is that you ask?" Well I'll tell you. In Matthew 28:18-20 Jesus commanded us to go into the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit and to teach them. There are many that are lost and there is work to be done! Matthew 9:37-38 tells us that "the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few." I encourage you today to go out and spread the good news and together let us win souls for Christ! Come out this weekend and participate in the Evangelism Outreach!

Written by: Andrea Bullard

Growing in Unity

On Sunday, Pastor Daniels taught about "Growing in Unity." We learned that God ordained for us to grow and that we should not let people take us out of our belief and trust in God. She gave an example of a flower. If you were to take a flower out of it's environment, it will dry up. Are you out of your environment? Our growth is not only for us, we also need to be concerned about others spiritual growth as well.

There are 7 steps to growing:

  1. Water: this is the Holy Spirit, be led by Him and have the sincere milk of The Word
  2. Communicate: We should pray without ceasing
  3. Fellowship with one another
  4. Release and Prune things out of your life
  5. Exercise: do the work of the ministry
  6. Give: we can give through our finances and time
  7. Stop and Meditate: meditate on the thing God is doing for you.

Scripture Texts: 2 Peter 3:18; Psalms 139; John 16:7,13; John 14:26; Mark 4:5, 16,17; Col 4:8,12; Hebrews 4; Ephesians 4:13

Remember The Deployed

If you would like to keep in touch with the members of the body who are currently deployed or if you would like to send a care package, the addresses are listed below. Please keep all of the deployed military members in prayer.

Erica Raby

CW2 Raby, Erica

46th Transportation CO.

Unit # 15382


APO, AP 96257

Brent Raby

SSG Raby, Brent

602nd Support

Maintenance Company

APO, AE 09330

Sis. Latoya's information will be provided soon

Help Wanted

If you are interested in submitting a featured piece in the weekly newsletter you may send your work to Sis. Andrea Bullard at andrea.daniels25@yahoo.com. Your piece may be poetry, spoken word, art, or a testimony of good news!