Mystery Murder??

Mystery Murder At Candy Shop

Afternoon Murder At Candy Shop

3 Boys Have nearly murdered a old woman from a Candy shop. Her name was Mrs Pratchett. One boy have put a dead mice in a Gobstopper jar while she was buissy getting licorice for the 2 boys. This is a prank gone wrong! Those boys are from Robert Townson Primary School. These murders have found the dead mice at school. They decided to put the dead mice in a jar so they can get rid of Mrs Pratchett. The boys said that Mrs Pratchett was a mean and disgusting old woman who would always make a price go higher than it was. Mrs Pratchett found the boys at last! As soon as she found what school the boys went to, she reported it to the Headmaster of the primary. The boys were suspended for a sweet lolly shop murder and were never ever to go to the Candy Shop!

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