Moreau Heights Principal Newsletter

April 2019

Message from the Principal

Charger Families,

We are heading into the final weeks of the year and have our time FULL of learning, assessment and celebrations.

Grades 3-5 will be taking the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) tests this month. Thank you for your support by seeing that your child gets a good night of sleep and comes to school ready to do his/her best. The dates for testing have been sent home home and are available below as well.

All grade levels will be taking end of the year iReady testing beginning the end of April and will test in reading and math.

So many end of year special activities and we want all our students to be able to participate. Be on the lookout for updates and reminders!

The end of the year is quickly approaching and we look forward to all the learning and activities ahead!

As always, thank you for your ongoing support of our school!

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Calendar of Events

Tuesday, April 16

*MAP testing for ELA begins for grades 3, 4, 5

Thursday, April 18

*Spring Sing, Art Show, Ice Cream Social 5:30 - 8:00

Friday, April 19

*3 hour early release (school dismissed at 12:15)

*PBS Assemblies

- grades 3-5 8:30

- grades k-2 9:40

Wednesday, April 24

*MAP testing for math begins for grades 3, 4, 5

Friday, April 26

*Mid-terms sent home

Wednesday, May 1

*MAP testing for science begins grade 5

Monday, May 6- Friday, May 10

Teacher Appreciation Week

Thursday, May 16

*Sports Day

Friday, May 17

*No School

Monday, May 20

*5th grade promotion 12:30 at Miller Performing Arts Center

Wednesday, May 22

*Last Day of School (school dismissed at 12:15)

Spring Sing

The annual Spring Sing/Art Show/Ice Cream Social is Thursday, April 18. All grades will be performing in the Spring Sing. Performance schedule is as follows:

Kindergarten/1st Grade- 6:00 p.m.

2nd/3rd Grade- 6:30 p.m.

4th/5th Grade- 7:00 p.m.

Students are encouraged to wear bright colors for the performance!

We will line up 5 minutes before the performance in the library.

*4th and 5th graders should bring their recorders.

PTO Events and Activities

Ice Cream Social - April 18

5:30 - 8:00

$2 for an ice cream sundae or a root beer float

Come enjoy the music performances, incredible artwork, and ice cream with our school family!

Teacher appreciation week - May 6-10

Watch for more information to hep us celebrate our incredible teachers!

PTO meeting - May 7

6:00 in library

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How Can You Make An Impact?

Want to get involved in our Watch DOGS program for Dads or male role models? Please complete the information form to get the process started.

Want to get involved in our MOMS program for Moms or other family role models? Please complete the information from to get the process started.

Once we get you information we will send you a form for a background check, then let you get started making a positive impact by being personally involved in our school.

Coach Roedel's News

Little Olympics practices begins next week and continue until the first Saturday of May. Look for permission slips and information from students. Students can participate in running, jumping and throwing events.

4th and 5th grade students, who have completed all classwork and homework, are eligible to participate.

Little Olympics is a great way to make new friends and learn track skills.

Mrs. Boyd's Art Update

Art Room Needs:

· Newspaper.

· Baby wipes –please send in a box or package if you have not donated this year.

· I need parent Helpers to prepare for the art show –

o Framing and labeling artwork.

o Laminating and cutting out magnets.

o If you are available during or after school, or can arrange an evening or weekend time, please contact me via email.

Spills and Stains Happen:

· Art can be messy. Take care with what your child wears on art class days. The schedule goes AMP (Art, Music, PE, Art, Music, PE).

· To prevent stains, we do not wear coats in the art room.

· All students must wear a paint shirt when using paint or other messy materials.

Art Show, Spring Sing, Ice Cream Social: April 18, 5:30 – 8 p.m.

Art Display. Bring your children to the art show to see their work displayed. Most students will have 2 artworks in the show.

Magnet Sale: Students are working on creating 1-2 small drawings and/or paintings for our magnet sale. I will laminate each piece and attach a magnet. Students may choose to purchase their own magnets or let others buy them.

Sale Times:

1. During the art show at a booth in the hallway

2. 2 weeks following the show from Mrs. Boyd in the art room.

· Cost $1.00 each magnet.

· Proceeds benefit the Moreau Heights Art Fund, through which I purchase supplies that the art supply budget does not cover.

What’s Happening in Kindergarten:

1. We finished our Piet Mondrian Designs.

2. We drew our first magnet, a self-portrait, learning how to draw the parts of the body and how to pick out the correct “browns” for our skin colors.

3. For the second magnet, we cut out our first initial, and will decorate these as a surprise for parents.

First Grade:

1. We finished our Piet Mondrian Designs.

2. We drew our first magnet, a family portrait, learning how to show the parts of the human body, and how to pick out the correct “browns” for skin colors.

3. We drew a design with a center of interest for our second magnet. We will paint these after learning basic color theory. Students will learn how to turn Crayola maker into watercolor paintings. It is so much fun to paint with markers!

Second Grade:

1. We studied the art of Faith Ringold, an African American Artist from New York. She is famous for creating story quilts. Students are drawing and collaging miniature story quilts of their own for their first magnet.

2. We will and use complex pattern to draw a design for our second magnet.

3. Students have been working with Mrs. Boyd in small groups to weave their paper weavings. They will use Native American Symbols to create a picture story and draw it on their paper weaving.

Third Grade:

1. Students are working on their Keith Haring Dancing Figures.

2. Like 2nd grade, we studied the art of Faith Ringold, and are creating Story Quilt magnets.

3. Those who have time will make a second magnet. The theme is to be determined.

Fourth Grade:

1. We studied past Missouri Artists Thomas Hart Benton, George Caleb Bingham and Charles Marion Russel. We also looked at the art of some modern Missouri artists, my favorite being Cybabi Bayoc. I encourage you and your children to Google Missouri artists together and talk about their artwork. You can tour the capital to see wonderful murals, statues and stained glass, especially the House Lounge Murals by Benton.

2. Students are creating artwork about Missouri for their first magnet.

3. We are weaving on the radial designs. I hope to have them done on time for the art show.

Fifth Grade:

1. Some 5th Grade Students have finished painting Kachinas. Those finished painting will get to add found objects (feathers, fabric, beads, yarn, string) to Kachinas next week. Please encourage your student to catch up if they are still painting

2. They are working on their magnets for the magnet sale by drawing and painting artwork about the United States of America, anything goes as long as it represents the USA.

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Attendance Matters!

Our goal is to have students at school every day, ready to learn. Please support our efforts by:

  • Having students at school by 8:10
  • Scheduling appointments around school hours (8:15 - 3:15) when possible
  • Making on time arrival at school a priority by having a morning routine
  • Seeing that students are getting to bed at a reasonable time and are allowed a restful night of sleep

Thank you for your help by letting your child know that school is important to you!

Focus on Parenting - Talking to Kids about Important Matters

Some refer to it as the ‘Lecture Lobe.” Most of us have one… a part of our brain devoted exclusively to lecturing kids about being more responsible, eating green stuff, getting a good education, staying away from all things that might “put your eye out,” etc. For most folks, this part of the brain remains dormant… asleep… until we become parents or teachers. Then it activates! Have you ever been amazed at how easily and automatically a good lecture rolls off the tongue?

As they say in physics, every action has a reaction. When our lecture lobes swell, kids’ learning and listening lobes shrink. Indelibly etched into my memory is the little first-grader I lectured about his chronic hall-running. “You could slip and get brain damage", was the theme of my speech.

We’ve learned a lot from our own mistakes… and those made by others. We’ve learned even more by watching extremely effective parents and educators. Over the past thirty years, we’ve noticed that really successful ones understand the following concept:

The more words we use when kids are misbehaving or acting irresponsibly, the less effective we become.

Kids test us to see if we will love and accept them regardless of what they may do.

Questions do two powerful, important things.

  • First, they show others that we can and want to understand their viewpoint.
  • Secondly, they force people to do plenty of thinking.

Questions create a lack of closure deep in the psyche. Humans yearn for closure and sort of go nuts when they don’t have it. Even when our kids don’t answer our questions verbally, their subconscious minds can’t resist the urge to give them plenty of thought. Some examples include:

• What do you think about how you’re doing in school right now?
• What are your ideas on whether bikes like your new one ever get stolen?
• What are your thoughts on kids experimenting with drugs?
• How do you think some kids put themselves in danger while chatting on the internet?

Listening to our youngsters’ opinions… even when they’re silly, strange, or downright scary… dramatically increase the odds that they’ll listen when it’s our turn to speak.

Let’s think about this. Do children have control over whether they listen to us… even when we don’t give them this control? You bet! Do stubborn kids know this? Yep! Whenever we pretend to have control over things we clearly do not, it erodes their respect for us… and creates a battle they cannot resist.

Here are a few tips to experiment with when talking with your kids about important matters:

• Have plenty of short discussion rather than a few long ones.

• Ask thoughtful and sincere open-ended questions.

• Ask permission to share your thoughts.

• Describe potential consequences using the “Some kids worry…” routine.

• Provide a positive expectation.

• If they refuse to talk, don’t fall into the trap of trying to make them.

We all know at least one child… or adult… who just has to learn life’s lessons the hard way. Despite all of our gallant attempts to endow them with our wisdom, they choose to take the rocky road to maturity by making plenty of mistakes and experiencing their consequences. Isn’t it interesting that the hardest lessons learned are usually the ones that teach us the very most!
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