World History Unit 6

Ellen, Carl, Alecia

Who was Napoleon?

Napoleon was a man that made peace with the country of France and with the catholic church. He wanted to gain absolute power over France, but couldn't for three main reasons:

1) he could never defeat the British

2) Nationalism spread through the country

3) His decision to invade Russia

He rose and fell 3 times, the last time being at the battle of Waterloo in Belgium when he was defeated by the British.


King Louis XIV

· Absolute monarchy

· Catholic

· Expanded by war

· Palace of Versailles

Tsar Peter the Great

· Absolute

· Eastern Orthodox

· Cut beards

· Short coats

· Europeanize

Places with revolutions


· Debate on who had power

· Parliament or Monarch

· English bill of rights

· Parliament has power

United States

· Taxes

· Independence

· Created a republic


· Taxes

· Rights

· People gained rights

· Limited monarchy


· Slaves wanted freedom

· Only successful slave rebellion in the world

Latin America

· Freedom

· Independence

· US protects

what is urbanization and what were some positive effects by the industrial revolution?

Urbanization is the building of cities, and people moving into them for jobs and other purposes. Some of the positive effects were more jobs, nations becoming wealthy, raising the standards of living, and cities becoming better places to live.