Michael's social study project.

By Michael James Kelly also Green Bay Packers rock!!!!!!!!!!

John Locke birth place, child hood and death

John Locke was born in 1632 in Wrington gust southwest of England. He staid in Wrington until he went to Westminster in London. He died in October 1704.

Adult life

Locke traveled around Europe for his own safety and wrote 2 essays which were published in 1689.

Some of lockes Ideas

Locke was a theorist and believed that of that many belief mandatory for Christians were unnecessary. That the word idea was crucial for the humans mind to help explain its self.

Karl marx early life

Karl Marx was born in Prussia on 1818. He was the oldest of nine children.

Karl Marx ideas and late the

Karl Marx wrote the theorist on the stages of government. He also live in London for the rest of his life.

Types of Government

Capitalism- Government does not provide services and the economy is free.

Socialism-Provides most needs and owns a lot of industrious

communism- owns all businesses and farms and provides all needs

dictatorship-power is forced and there is no voting and the public follows the leader blindly

Totalitarian-a single party rules and the people have to follow the governments rule and can be prevented to leave the country

theocracy-ran by religion

Monarchy- Like dictatorship but passed through generations

Parliamentary-represents certain people until death

Republic-represent the voters for a certain time

Plutocracy-ran by a elite group for there own interests.

Democracy-the government is elected

Some examples of government types

china is a communist government. Jordan is a monarchy government. The united kingdom is a monarchy government.

What a social structure is

A social structure is the class in which a person is.
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Three examples of social structers

1. Rich working class and the poor

2.Kings,queens,nobles,farmers and servants

3. land owners , workers and slaves

What a economic structure is

A economic structure is when the trade , employment, output and economic is used to describe the changing balance of economic changes.

Examples of economic structures

1.In a slave society all out put is made by slaves and the owners do the rest.

2.in a capitalism the owners control everything.

3.in the 1 stage of government every thing was controlled by everyone.

How the stages progress to each the other.

1. People came to gather. (when people came together and started hunting and gathering)

2. privet property, agricultural and domestication of animals.

3.slaves,big production needed and big empires.

4 .inherited classes, chivalry and all land owned by nobles and above.

5.merchants, people are paid for work and privet owner under and over nobles.

6. profits owned by workers, work vouchers and revolution.

7. government is gotten rid of.

What stage we are in

We are in stage for because company owners make a lot of money and the working class and close to the poverty line.