Representing Audio; your Downloads

Through Binary

What has Binary got to do with my downloads?

When your using a website such as, you probably saw the slider saying 128 kbps before you kick it up to 256 (like me) to convert HD videos. Well, kbps stands for Kilo bits per second, which is the rate a thing is samples.

So, how does it tie in with Binary? Well, binary can be the rate you sample at. Take the diagram on the right. It shows what the sample rate at one bit per second, 2 bits per second, 4 and 16 bits per second. As we can see, the graph clearly increases the quality of the frequency with the higher the bit rate. So the more bits (like 01, 10, 11, etc), the better the quality

Whats the difference between the frequency and bit rates?

Well, the frequency is the number of cycles in a second. So the term Hertz (Hz) means 'cycles per second'. So if you have a 100 MHz frequency, then you have 100,000,000 Hertz travelling down the cable.

Bit rate is a factor of the speed current. Each 1 and 0 in a current represents a bit of data. Bit rate is measured in Bites Per Second (bps). This means that if this byte of data (010101-8 bits) is transferred in one second, then it would be measured as 8bps.