Andrea Mantegna

Artist of the Renaissance

Facts About Andrea

  • Born in 1431 in Isola Carturo, Italy.
  • Did sculptures, carvings, drawing, and painting.
  • Many master pieces based of religion.
  • Adopted one of his art students as his son.
  • He was a proud and abrasive person to be around.
  • Died September 13, 1506, in Mantua.


  • One of his most famous works.
  • It took two years to make this painting from start to finish. From 1457-1459
  • This image shows Jesus Christ on the cross after his crucifixion.
  • Can be seen in museums and in it's original place, Louvre the Predella where it is seen on the altar.
  • It does not include any spectacular or new techniques.
  • This painting does not resemble any of the isms in which we learned in class. It does not resemble skeptisism, humanism, secularism, or capitolism.
  • It is 100% hand painted.