concentration camp

Auschwitz concentration camp

Auschwitz-Birkenau or better know as just Auschwitz started up in 1940. Also located in Southern Poland, A few months after they opened, they were considered the biggest concentration camp in the U.S.. During world war ll, more than one million people lost there lives. Auschwitz is also best known as the largest mass killing chamber. It was considered large because it had three larger camps and 45 sub-camps. Auschwitz l was where all of the human medical experiments took place.Auschwitz ll was where all the killing took place. (

It is also where it housed all of the prisoners including women, children and gypsies. Lastly Auschwitz lll and the other sub-camps where mostly used for forced labor. It was originally thought that there were 4.1 million people murdered, but around 1990 this was lowered to 1.1 million people.They had a crematorium where 12 thousand Jews where burned in ovens. (

There was a lot of chemical factories. In this area it was considered the black triangle because of its coal deposits. They also produced ammunition in other war suplies. That camp seem to help a lot of the Jewish people because it gave them something to do while there where in prison. (

When the prisoners got to the came there where they where immediately taken to a doctor for inspection. While you where getting inspected you where put into groups. One of the groups where big strong men, weaker men, old men and ill men. Then where where women groups. Strong women, weak women, ill and old women. And children went with the women. (

Stanley Milgram's Experiment

Stanley Milgram's Experiment is when two people are set in a room and one of them are picked to be a teacher and one is picked to be a student. The teacher goes in one room with a monitor and a head set. In the other room the student is getting shocked. Well as far as far as the teacher knows. There are a seres of questions and there are 47 electric charges. The teacher would ask the student the question. If the student got the question right then they would go on to the next question. If the student got the question wrong then they would get the the next shock.

How Stanley Milgram's Experiment and Auschwitz are a like

I thing the Stanley Milgram's Experiment and Auschwitz are a like because In both cases there is a older or adult figur telling them what to do and how to do it no madder how bad it is. In the Auschwitz case Hitler was the authority figure, the natzies are the teachers and the jews, gypsies,ect.