By : Mikaella Musico

Whats the capital of Guyana ?

The capital of Guyana is Georgetown

Who owned the country?

The british but they lost it.

When did Guyana gain its independance ?

On Thursday 26 May 1966 Guyana gained it's indepance from the British.

Where is Guyana located?

Guyana is located in South America and is left of Venezuela. It's a very small country.

Top three places you gotta check out if you ever go to Guyana

What do they export ?

Guyana has many natrual resources to offer like gold , rice and raw sugar but where do these goods get exported to? Well they get exported to the United States , Canada and the United Kingdom!

What are interesting physical features does Guyana have?

For tourists this is a very important part of going to different countries. So to imform you about Guyana they have lots coastal regions , hills and sand clay last , but not least savannahs.

They also have lots of old architecture building and for places tourists see and do is go to Kaietur Falls. One of the biggest tourists attraction where there are beautiful sights to see. The last place is City Hall. If your going somewhere you should at least kniw the hustory.

What is the Official language in Guyana ?

Guyana's main language is English. In schools the children are taught English.

What currency does Guyana use?

The currency that Guyana uses is the Guyanes Dollar which is much cheaper than the US dollar.

What country is Guyana in good terms with.

Guyana is in good terms with the United States believe it or not. Guyana does a lot of imports like cell phones, cars , computers and refined petroleum. Most products go to the United States and China than Venezuela.

What currency does Guyana use?

Guyana uses the Guyanese Dollars. It's more cheaper than the American dollar.
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What kind of Government and economic system does Guyana have?

Guyana's government is much like our government it Republican and their economic system is socialism.

The president of Guyana is Donald Ramotar.