Peak Experience

by: Sierra and Soraya

The Peak Experiance

We will be talking about
  • Climate On Everest
  • Economic Impact
  • Preparation for Climbling
  • Holly Angelo Report
  • Compare & contrast

Climate on Everest

The climate on Mount Everest is naturally extreme. In January (the coldest month) The summit temp. averages to 36 degrees below zero. This can drop to 60 degrees below zero. And in July the summit averages out -19 degrees Celsius.

Mount Everest prepration for climbing

they have to travel on crampons under type of have to have technical rock and ice climbing experiences.
Your gear mount climbing has to be tied your gear has to be secure.

Economic Impact

If your one of the 25,000 annual Everest tourists, getting into Nepal for more than a three-day stay will only run you $30, But that's just the beginning of the tab.

Youngest Person Summits Everest By Holly Angelo

As i wait at base camp i hear a spark of celebration.As i walk in i see peak(josh's son) he seem to be a little disturbed. after that we went into the mess tent for something to eat,then after that we practiced with zopa,sun-Jo, and peak to get more strength. then after that zopa had us carry a bunch of stuff for nothing. then the next a group went up to ABC (advanced base camp).the next week we waited until josh's group came back down from camp 4 we heard news that some campers got ''HAPE''. we had to acclimatize to go up to the summit. ( Time pasted by the time we went up we were at camp 4) by the time i was exhausted, i told peak to keep going and ''he can do this''. we where close to making it to Everest, But i couldn't do it anymore i thought i wasn't gonna make it