Call Of Duty

My Favorite Campaign Players

#5 Mason

Mason is #5 on this list because I think he is just plain out a surviver. I know there were other characters tortured, but I think mason stands out because he completes mission with memories and numbers running through his head all the time. Like many other main characters in campaign he is a hero.
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#4 Reznov

The reason Reznov is #5 on my list is because he is a character I think is just amazing. Reznov appeared in Black Ops and it all started off with you about to kill him. You decide not to and he helps you and all the prisoners escape but in the end sacrifices himself for your survival.So I think he deserves #5.
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#3 Price

Price is #3 on my list is because he is a person that with only a group of rebelling Russians was able to kill the Terrerist,Makarov, that was killing many people around the world. Not mentioning how many times Price and Nikolai had to save Soap. He also ends the campaign even though he is saved by Yuri he eventually eliminates Makarov.
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#2 Yuri

Yuri is #2 on my list because he is a great main character even though he is thought to be a betrayer he still fights Makarov and his army and in the end , ends up sacraficing himself for the death of Makarov.
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#1 Nikolai

Nikolai is #1 on my list because he is an OP character. Nikolai is not even a main character, yet he is still my favorite Call Of Duty character because he endlessly risks his life for Price,Soap,Yuri, and his teammates. Not to mention he is a skilled pilot killing many and greatly helping his team. Nikolai is also a rebel with just a usual weapon of an Ak-47 and still killing many enemy soldiers in air or on ground.This is why Nikolai reached the top of my list.
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