Macular degeneration

What is Macular Degeneration?

Macular Degeneration(or MD) is a disease that makes you lose your central vision. It is the leading cause of blindness in elderly people.

What body system does Macular Degeneration affect?

Macular Degeneration affects the nervous system. The nervous system contains the brain, the spinal cord, the eyes, and all the nerves in the body. The nervous system sends signals from the brain that tell the muscles what to do.

Signs and Symptoms

Some signs that you may have MD is when you cant see fine details, like words in a book or peoples faces. As the disease progresses, a blurry spot will appear in the center of your vision. Eventually, you will lose all but your peripheral vision

What its like having Macular Degeneration

As the video goes on, the disease progresses.

How does Macular Degeneration affect you?

Macular Degeneration affects the macula, the part of the retina responsible for seeing details. light enters the eye through the pupil, and goes to the retina. photoreceptors process the light, and send electrical signals to the brain, and then the brain processes the signals into what you see. When you have MD, your macula gets damaged, so that part of the retina cannot process the light. A yellow build up called drusen forms in the macula so it doesn't work as well.
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Who can get Macular Degeneration?

Anyone can get Macular degeneration. Any race, male or female. MD is most common in people above 50, and your likelihood increases as you get older.
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How do you get Macular Degeneration?

No one knows how this disease is caused, but it can be genetically passed down from your parents or grandparents.

Long term effecs

Macular Degeneration is not fatal, but once you get it you will have it for the rest of your life.

Is there a cure for Macular Degeneration?

There is no cure for Macular Degeneration, but there are treatments. Anti- angeogenisis drugs can slow down and sometimes stop the process, but not reverse it. Laser treatment can also stop the disease, and vitamans can reduce the chance of you getting MD. Doctors are researching cures, like surgery to remove the drusen.