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We are happy to announce that we have added some very talented individuals to our Child Nutrition Program staff. We plan to add even more personel as we move forward into the Spring months. Human captial is a vital part of executing our program. We rely heavily on our staff's experience and knowledge of executing school meals and buidling relationships with our students. We greatly appreaciate all that they do.

- H. Ward

Inspirational Quote of the Month

““We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” ―Aristotle



Positions available:

CNP Worker
  • 9 month (184 days) / 6 hours

  • 9 month (184 days) / 8 hours

  • 12 month (240 days) / 8 hours

To apply for a position with Huntsville City Schools, you must complete an online application with the Alabama State Department of Education. Just Click the Link below to start the process

Standard Application Login (

National School Breakfast Week 2023 is March 6th - March 10th

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NSBW 2023

Huntsville Alabama – March 6 through March 10, 2023 – To encourage more families to take advantage of the healthy choices available with school breakfast, Huntsville City Schools will celebrate National School Breakfast Week (NSBW) during March 6-10, 2023. The NSBW campaign theme, “DIG IN to School Breakfast,” reminds the entire school community that healthy breakfast options available at school provide an energizing start to the day for students.

U.S. Department of Agriculture data show that more and more students are starting their day with a nutritious breakfast in their school cafeterias. The School Breakfast Program serves more than 14 million students every day.

Busy weekday mornings make it a challenge for many families to find time for a healthy breakfast. Fortunately, Huntsville City Schools offer nutritious school breakfasts, complete with fruit and low-fat or fat-free milk, to ensure students are fueled for learning every school day. School breakfast is being served to students through the serving lines in lunchrooms and or via Child Nutrition Program +-staff delivery to the classrooms.

Studies show that students who eat school breakfast are more likely to:

• Reach higher levels of achievement in reading and math

• Score higher on standardized tests

• Have better concentration and memory

• Be more alert

• Maintain a healthy weight

School nutrition professionals and students will be encouraged to show their enthusiasm for school breakfast from March 6-10 as the district celebrates NSBW with special menus, activities, and more. Child Nutrition Program staff and students will be encouraged to dress as construction professionals during the week, students can draw a famous building and post the artwork in the serving areas of the lunchrooms, we will also highlight the importance of school breakfast, and students will engage in completing themed activity sheets, and encourage children to try breakfast options that they have not had before.

“A healthy breakfast at the start of the day is a great way to ensure students are nourished and ready to learn,” said Henry Ward, Huntsville City Schools Child Nutrition Program Director “National School Breakfast Week helps us educate parents and students about all the nutritious and delicious choices we offer.”

At Huntsville City Schools, attaining a breakfast meal before class is a great way to start the day. Meal options include whole fresh fruits such as apples, oranges, or bananas, cereals with whole grains and low sugars, hot breakfast entrees, and no-fat milk.

The “DIG IN to School Breakfast” campaign is made possible by the School Nutrition Association and Kellogg’s®.

Parents and students can follow the fun on using the hashtag #NSBW23.

For more information about school meals, visit or

About National School Breakfast Week

National School Breakfast Week was launched in 1989 to raise awareness of the availability of the School Breakfast Program, a federally assisted meal program operating in public and non-profit private schools and residential childcare institutions since 1975.

Domino's Smart Slice Pizza

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The Huntsville City Schools Child Nutrition Program is proud to announce that starting on Monday February 27, 2023, Domino’s Smart Slice Pizza is going to be served in the lunchroom during lunch every two weeks in all schools inclduing Elementary and Middle Schools. Domino’s Smart Slice pizza contains unique ingredients that are available exclusively for schools. Each pizza is made by hand and delivered hot from the local Domino’s store. Domino’s Smart Slice meets all USDA guidelines, and will help give your kids the energy to learn, play and grow!

Domino’s Smart Slice pizzas are:

  • Whole Grain Rich
  • Reduced Sodium
  • Reduced Fat
  • Made Fresh
  • Taste GREAT!

Charcuterie Kids Boxes

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Charcuterie Kid’s Boxes are now available for lunch at Huntsville City Schools. Each box may contain a multitude of nutritional items for young people such as slice deli meats, cheeses, fruits, raw vegetables, Hummus, or crackers.

Charcuterie is a French term that refers to prepared meats, such as sausage, ham, bacon, and pâté. So-called charcuterie boards have become popular as appetizers or party snacks in the United States in recent years. Strictly speaking, these should contain only French meat products, but the term has broadened to include, in addition to assorted meats, a variety of cheeses, nuts, fruits, vegetables, breads, crackers, and even sauces. Charcuterie derives from the French phrase chair cuit, meaning “cooked meat.” It was originally confined to pork, for medieval guild regulations required charcuteries to sell only pork and pork fat. The term referred originally not to the meat itself but to the shops where it was sold, the venue of the charcutier, who prepared, cooked, and preserved cuts of pork and, on occasion, other foods, as during Lent when the observant ate cured fish rather than meat.


Ala. school nutrition pros concerned over USDA rules

Some school nutrition professionals in Alabama say they are concerned about a USDA proposal that would place further limitations on school meals, including on sugar and sodium. Emma Anne Hallman, president-elect of the Alabama School Nutrition Association, said school nutrition professionals already are having difficulty finding foods that comply with current standards.

Full Story: WVTM-TV (Birmingham, Ala.) (2/9)

Study: Student BMI fell under federal school meal law

There was a small but significant decline in average body mass index among students when changes were made to school meal standards under the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, according to a study published Monday in the journal JAMA Pediatrics. The study also found a slight decline in children who were overweight or obese.

Full Story: MedPage Today (free registration) (2/13), CNN (2/13), The Associated Press

Medicaid funds can now to be used for food programs

The Biden administration has started approving requests to use state Medicaid funds to pay for diet counseling, groceries and other efforts to address food insecurity as policymakers explore the benefits of "food as medicine" programs in improving overall health and reducing costs. Supporters say that using Medicaid funds for food programs will enhance Americans' overall health and result in fewer medical visits, better nutritional habits and less pressure on the country's health care system.

Full Story: The Wall Street Journal (2/12), National Review (2/13)


Mrs. Donna Larkins-Muhammad, CNP Supervisor at Huntsville High School

Mrs. Donna Muhammad has been with the Child Nutrition Program at Huntsville City Schools for over 10 years. She is originally from Chicago, Illinois and she has been married for 13 years. Donna has two children named Donna Marie and Taynetta. She describes herself as an altruistic person who always puts others first.

Donna has lived in multiple places besides Huntsville, and they include Biloxi, Mississippi, El Paso, Texas, Killeen, Texas, Columbus, Georgia, Germany, Korea, and the Philippines. Before working in Child Nutrition, Donna served in United States Army for 23 years. Donna says that what she likes the most about her role is working with her Child Nutrition Program staff. When Donna is not working, she spends time with her family, travelingl, and relaxing at home.

Donna states that the students are what motivates her in Child Nutrition. She expresses that the highlight of her career is completing 10 years of service in the Child Nutrition Program. Her favorite type of food is Asian cuisine and seafood such as scallops. Donna's favorite type of music to listen to is R and B. Donna mentions that feeding the students and being on a similar school schedule as her youngest daughter is what motivates her to work in the Child Nutrition Program. She tells us that if she were not working in Child Nutrition that she would be at home enjoying life. Donna’s hobbies include relaxing and exercising when she has the time.

Donna feels that Child Nutrition is important because so many children do not have the ability to garner three meals each day and knowing that they will get at least two meals is a blessing. Her favorite sport is college football where she cheers for the Alabama Crimson Tide football team. Donna hopes to one day drive Route 66 all the way to Las Vegas and then fly back home. Donna shares that in the next five years she will be retired, traveling, and giving back to the community by volunteering. Donna defines success as being blessed.

Employees of the Month

Victoria Johnson, CNP Worker Rolling HIlls Elementary

"Ms.Victoria Johnson is a very good worker, She shows up everyday ready to go.

She does quality work and always completes her assigned task by the end of the work day. She always follows instructions and she is willing to learn new things. Ms.Johnson has a consistent positive attitude when she is interacting with the students and her co-workers. Ms. Victoria Johnson is a team player that I can rely on each day."

-Luz Arnold, CNP Supervisor Rolling Hills Elementary

Samantha Crutcher, CNP Supervisor McDonnell Elementary

"We are so happy to have Mrs. Crutcher here at McDonnell Elementary School. She is a hard worker and dedicated to making sure the students at McDonnell have a healthy and delicious meal."

-Frazier Barnes, Principal McDonnell Elementary

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