A Day in My Life

Waking up

I start my day by waking up to my alarm. The first time I use my phone is when I turn off my alarm. Shortly after I turn my alarm off I check my Facebook to see if anything new is going on. After I check Facebook, I check my Instagram and Twitter. The last thing I do is check my texts, just to see if anybody texted me from the night before and I was already asleep.

Getting my day started

As I am getting prepared for school in the morning I will occasionally check the time on my phone to make sure I leave for school on time. If I have some time to spare then I will get on Facebook and look at things people post or to see if anybody messaged me. I also do the same with Twitter. I don't look at Instagram that often in the morning because nobody post pictures early in the morning.

Start of school day

By this time in the morning I am still pretty tired. I don't use much of my phone, unless I am texting one of my friends. Mainly I am just trying to wake myself up so I can try to learn about whatever it is the teacher is teaching. I try not to let technology get in the way of my learning.


When 2nd block comes around and I have already learned as much as I could, I will typically put my headphones in and turn on some music. I listen to music as much as I can while I am in school. Music helps me get through my day. The music I listen to, sets the tone for the day. It helps me to concentrate while I am working on my school work.


By this time of the day, it is getting close to lunch. I am fully awake by lunch time. During lunch I will check my texts. I don't use Facebook or Twitter during this time. The only reason I don't is because I can't use that much data on my phone. I typically have to have some type of wifi to get on those apps or I would be using up data on my phone.

End of School Day

I check the time on my phone a lot when it comes to the end of the school day. I am ready to leave school so I can go home or go to work. Whenever I get home I get on Facebook and the other social media apps I have. I like using Facebook because it helps me stay connected to my family. I have also found family members I haven't met on Facebook.

Coming Home

After I am done using Facebook, I will start to watch TV. I sometimes check my phone while I am watching a show. If I am texting somebody then I will text them. But if not, I will leave my phone some place in the house. During the commercials, I get up and go check my phone for anything.


When I get bored watching TV, I grab my phone. I sometimes play a couple games on my phone just so I wont be so bored. Or I might grab my computer and look up some things. I usually will turn on Pandora so I can listen to some music. I possibly will discover new music that I have not listened to before.

TIme for Bed

Its about time for me to go to bed. At this point I am pretty tired. Some how, this is the time when people want to text me or send me messages on Facebook. I don't understand why people decide to interact with me then. Its almost like they know that I am getting ready for bed. Even though I am tired, I still try to text them back or get on Facebook and message them back.


This is a typical day for me. Not much going on during the day. Also not much going on after school unless I have plans or I have to work. If either of those happen then it turns out to be a pretty productive day.