Marble Quest

Make sure to come to our stall

How to play

There will be a bucket full of water, marbles with tricks like crystal soil and pebbles and you will have to try and get all the marbles out of the bucket while you will be blindfolded. Make sure to get them before your time runs out.

Time Limit

Kindi and Stage 1- 1 minute

Stage 2- 50 seconds

Stage 3- 30 seconds


We are located on the top quad near the silver seats infront of the library.


1st prize is a jar of jellybeans.

2nd prize is stuffed toys.

3rd prize is stationary.

First 3

The first 3 people that come to our stall will get fee prizes.


For 1 go is 30c

For 2 goes is 50c

For 3 goes is $1

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