Hoot Hoot Herald

May 16-20, 2016


Last full week of school! Enjoy, breathe, smile, do fun activities with your students and let's get through the next 13 days! Please review all dates and times in the Hoot Hoot to make sure that you are your team are up to speed.

Talent Show: What are you doing for the talent show? Make sure that you let Christina know what you are doing for the staff talent show. Your kids want to see you shine!

Summer Academic Plans: What are you giving your kids to work on this summer? We have a new Summer Reading Program that we are rolling out. It's called myon. We will give you all the information on Monday.

Rentention: We have had many conversations about the students that you are planning on retaining. As we near the last days, please make sure that you still feel that retention is best for each child. Some children blossom at the very end! Do we suspect a disability? Is language an issue? If so, retention is not recommended. Turn in your rentention forms to Pat by next week.

PIE Sponsors: Let's say THANK YOU to our PIE partners. Please choose one, two, or three partners for your class to make thank you cards for. The sign up sheet is in the lounge on the white board. Please turn in these THANK YOU cards by Wednesday 1st. I will mail them. Let 's make sure each partner is selected.

Last Report Card Information

Report Card Timeline:

  • Please turn in retained/placed forms to Pat by Wednesday May 18th

  • Posting window is open 5/18 and closes 5/25

  • Please make sure all blanks are filled before you Post your report cards

  • You do not have to wait to the posting window opens to enter Personal Development and CITZ marks (special areas)

  • Don't forget those ESL grades

You will get 2 sets of report cards, June 1st, one to file in their CUM folder and one to send home.

Report Cards go home the last day of school June 2

Thank you for a job well done on report cards this year!

Girls Empowerment Network Assembly for Girls

Girls Empowerment Network (GENaustin) will be having assemblies for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade girls in the next couple of weeks. GENaustin serves elementary girls through programs that address body image, healthy relationships, and communication.

Assemblies will take place in the library.

4th girls: Wednesday, May 18 1:30 - 2:55

3rd girls: Thursday, May 19 8:30 - 10:00

5th girls: Wednesday, May 25 8:30-10:00 and Thursday, May 26 8:30-10:00

We are working on an assembly for the boys and will let you know the details when confirmed.

3rd, 4th and 5th teachers will need to split up and be present at both the girls' and boys' assemblies.

Laptop fix on Tuesday, May 17

A minor problem has been identified on the Dell 3440 Laptop that were provided to all AISD teachers and campus administrators during the laptop refresh 2 years ago.

To address this, a team of technicians will be on our campus on Tuesday 5/17/2016 to apply the fix. They will be working in a small room off the library. Every teacher needs to drop off your laptop at your earliest convenience to the small room off the library. Make sure that your laptop is labeled with your name. Ideally, we hope to have those laptops back to you by end of day.

Sports A Rama this week

Friday, May 20 is this year's Sports A Rama. It will be down the hill on the Murchison Field.

Schedule of grade levels will be:

K-1st: 8:30 - 10:00
2nd-3rd : 10:15-11:45
4th-5th: 12:30-2:00

Potential rain date will be the following Thursday (26th), but as always, we are really hoping that all works out for Friday, May 20.

EOY 3rd-5th ORAL READING FLUENCY testing window May 16-26th

EOY 3rd-5th ORAL READING FLUENCY testing window May 16-26th. All data must be entered into ATVS by May 26th.

3rd-5th Grade: Administer the fluency assessment for all students who scored below grade level on either fluency or accuracy at MOY. I will get you the passages early next week.

Directions for entering data into ATVS for ORF:

To find ATVS

log onto the cloud and type ATVS into the search window

. Click on the ATVS icon and then

click on the tab on the top that says PRA/ORF

. Once you click on PRA/ORF you will see a

smaller tab underneath that says ORF

. Click on this tab and your class and data entry screen should show up. For Comprehension enter 0 for incorrect and 1 for correct.

Please contact Ms. Thomas with any questions. Thanks!

End of Year Party Schedule

End of Year Party Schedule

June 1st:

1:45 - Kinder on the blacktop

1:45 - 2nd grade in the library and the amphitheater

2:00 - 3rd grade outside near the 3rd grade portables

June 2nd:

1:30 - 4th grade- amphitheater, and around 3rd grade portables

1:45 - 1st Grade on the black top

5th to Westover (after Graduation)

Murchison to perform on Wednesday, May 18th

There will be two shows, one at 9:15 and one at 1:45. 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades will attend the earlier show and Kinder, 1st, and 5th will go at 1:45.

First grade will take their recess time a little earlier that day, going around 1:15 instead of 1:30.

Music News/ Talent Show Schedule

May 18th, 25th: drum circle after school in Ms. Tannert's room. Teachers are welcome to join if you want to blow off a little end of the year steam

May 16th: Symphony Field Trip (4th and 5th grade)-10:15am-1:15pm

May 17th-19th: In class performances (Informances) in music classes for Kinder, 1st, and 2nd grade

May 31st: Teacher Talent Show @ 2pm in cafeteria (everybody!)

June 1st: 5th grade talent show 8:00-9:00am in gym

June 2nd: Kinder-4th grade talent shows in gym

Counselor's Corner

We would like to thank the the entire Doss staff for all the help and support for not only preparing students everyday (starting as early as Kindergarten) to ROCK the STAAR, but also for adjusting their schedules, being flexible and helping out where needed during testing. YOU ARE ALL ROCK STARS!!!

Nurse's Notes

10 tips for surviving the end of the School Year

1. Celebrate: Self indulge, enjoy family and friends

2. Gratitude: Pop a sticky note of thanks in 3 teachers boxes. Let them feel your gratitude.

3. Fun/Play: Humor, play and laughing release natural endorphins that make us feel better. Problems, overload, challenges, tiredness all seem to fit into better perspective when we can laugh.

4. Be what you need: When we are worn out and feeling unappreciated, we really do need someone to thank us, acknowledge us or tell us we've done a great job. Check out what happens when you do it for your colleagues.

5. Sleep!

6. Ask for help: Knowing when you need help and getting it is a massive stress reduction strategy. This strategy may also open you to the idea of talking to colleagues about the stressors in teaching, all year round. We learn best from each other.

7. Reflect: Maybe not this week! But soon, take time out to think about: teaching, what you achieved this year, what we can and should change, what we can learn from mistakes, whats going well.

8.Time for you.....

9. Calming strategies: Review your to do list and mark off tasks accomplished. This creates a sense of accomplishment. Tidy your desk and choose one item on the to do list to do. This allows the brain to reset according to neuroscientists.

10. Plan for 2016/2017: Are your getting enough inspiration? Reflect on the encouragement others offer. Start a Memory Box. Collect notes, thank you cards, print out thank you emails. Reflect on them to plan accordingly for next year.