Missy's Precious G.E.M.'s

Summer Newsletter June July August 2014


What is your Dream? What's keeping you from experiencing your dream? Well, if you're honest with yourself, you can say it's YOU. Did you know that more than 70% of direct sell business comes from the fall season? That's huge!

Most of the time, we put off asking for a party. WHY? Because we're scared to death they’ll say no, or that they’ll feel like we're bugging them. This is all in our mind! They may say no, BUT, they may say YES. Every month I get home office leads from women, in my own area, who are searching for a consultant. She may want to host a party or more info about the business. Some of them simply just want a catalog - but no one is offering.

Do you ever think to yourself, I'm so thankful someone invited me to a Thirty-One party? Or I'm grateful someone shared the Thirty-One opportunity with me? Maybe you don't, but I know I'm grateful someone did! Not only has Thirty-One changed my life and family, but I get to watch how it has changes yours. That's priceless!

I always pray to myself, where is that next girl who is searching for something to help her - maybe it's a night out, friendship, or Christmas gifts for her family, or even money to pay the bills. My prayer each day is, Lord, show me someone today who could use Thirty-One. Please give me the strength and courage to ask her.

I am passionate about what I do and I want to make a difference. Take the challenge and share Thirty-One today. It can be a life changer!