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Bella Null 7th Period

Physical Property

Meaning: A property (as color, hardness, boiling point) of matter not involving in its manifestation a chemical change.
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An example of physical properties is the state of matter of the liquids in the image above.

Some other examples can be boiling points and the colors of those liquids.

Chemical Property

Meaning: A property of a substance relating to its chemical reactivity (as the explosive property of nitroglycerin).
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An example of a chemical property of the photo above is the 2 objects being able to dissolve.

Some other examples are flammability and corrosion.

Physical Change

Meaning: A usually reversible change in the physical properties of a substance (as size or shape).
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An example of physical change from the picture above is the ice melting. It's appearance changed, but it is still the same substance.

Other examples are crushing a can or shredding paper.

Chemical Change

Meaning: A chemical change is a process where one or more substances are altered one or more different or new substances.
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An example of chemical change from the picture above is the wood burning, causing the wood to turn into another substance, ash.

Some other examples of chemical change are cooking eggs (or any other type of baking/cooking) and the explosion of fire works.

Here are 5 ways/indicators to tell if a chemical change is occurring:

Color Changing

Gas Produce

Temperature Change

New Substance Formed

Odor Released

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