The Renasissance

change over time

Change from Dark Ages to Renaissance

After years of plague and war people began searching for a new hope and a new life,so the renaissance was born. It was in a way a form of reliving a golden age. Renaissance is French and means rebirth which is exactly what happen in Europe. It was a change from dark ages to renaissance is on that took place in Italy.Many people took part is what in my mind is one of the most iconic periods in history.

people who impaced the renaissance

the changes impact

Changes seen in the world today

many of parts of the renaissance are seen in the modern world today. Art is one of the biggest things that effect us today. take Leonardo da vinci for example one of his most famous works of art the Mona Lisa is still studied today of its many mysteries. Art is not the only change that is still seen today. Science, this period was not the scientific revolution but still many new ideas came up during this period of change.