Economic Fascism

Economically Genius

Economic Fascism

Economic fascism is the economical ideals of fascism. Some of those ideals are used in today's economy. Mussolini pioneered fascism in the late 20s early 30s.

Some Excellent Policies

One of the most well know policies that stems from a fascist economic viewpoint is FDR's New Deal. The New Deal encompasses care for the old as well as public works projects. Some of the projects where building new railways and a freeway system. On top of all this minimum wage was set. This ties in with today because we are maintaining railways and making new rails for better transit and maintaining minimum wage along with some benefits for the old. Minimum wage has increased $0.25 in 1938 to $7.25 an hour in 2015

Policies at Work

Individuals Who Supported Fascist Economics

Winston Churchill, FDR, John Rockefeller, and Ezra Pound these individuals all supported Fascist countries before the out break of war. Along with many other prominent individuals. Ezra pound was quoted saying "Mussolini is picking up where Thomas Jefferson left off." Churchill was quoted saying he would've followed Mussolini if he were Italian."

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