Constitutional republic, capitalism

Paraguay used to be owned by Spain but claimed independence in 1811. The two official languages are Guaraní and Spanish. Guaraní also refers to their monetary system. President Horacio Cartes has done a good job with keeping on good terms with other countries. There are very little conflicts.

Imports and exports

Paraguay imports vehicles, consumer goods, tobacco, petroleum products, electrical machinery, tractors, chemicals, and vehicle parts from Brazil, Argentina, China. They export soybeans, feed, cotton, meat, edible oils, wood, and leather to Brazil, Uruguay, Switzerland, and Argentina.


Paraguay is located in the middle of South America and has the rivers Rio Paraguay and Rio Paraná running through it. The mountain Cerro Peró is also within the borders of Paraguay


Paraguay is full of nice people of many cultures. Any time you go, the weather will probably be nice, sunny, and definitely warm. Plus, they have great food. You could go see the National Pantheon of the Heroes, Itaipu Dam, Icono Tower, Saltos del Monday.