Triassic Period

The period of rebuilding

Major Geological events

This period follows the great mass extinction of the Permian Period killing 70% of land animals and 90% of marine life. With great changes in climate, volcanoes, and asteroids this is known as the period of rebuilding earth life or the follow up to the extinction of dinosaurs. The super continent ,Pangea, had just began to break apart in the start of this period but was still a whole continent during the rebuilding process of earth.


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Triassic Period

The earths Environment was a barren wasteland considering it was just blown up by a massive asteroid and almost all animal and plant life was just wiped out. Most dinosaurs were wiped out an if they weren't they died off because of severe food shortage. Most plants were wiped out in the extinction including sea plants like corals and seaweed.

what you will need

Because of the extinction and the asteroid, climate change, the world nearly ending in the previous time period, you will probably need tons of food and water a shelter something that resists fire and extreme heat to wear as clothes and/or building material. There is no surviving the constant bombardment of asteroids so you will probably have to build your shelter under ground to avoid being blown up.

other information

The Permian periods mass extinction destroyed life in the Triassic period it led to