Camp Caché

For Our Faeries of Today

About Us

Located in Forrester, New Hampshire, our beautiful campus is a place of learning, friends, and fun for young evolving American faeries.

A Place of Learning

Our counselors and staff at Caché are all different types of faerie, and they teach our young faeries faerie history, how to control Hidden Talents, intertravel, and everything else about faeries our young faeries need, including a secluded place for our oldest campers' Evanescence.

A Place of Friends

At Caché, the friends here are unique. They truly understand what the others are going through, and they stay forever. Pixie Basqana, a former camper, says, "I met my husband Darnn at camp, and my best friend Mokta as well!"

A Place of Fun

The events and parties at Caché are legendary! Color War, Wacky Day, Banquet, DIY Feast, Big Bang, and more!