Bullying is destructive. Okay?

By Olive Trembley

The Problem

Bullying can come in many different forms. Sometimes we link simply being rude to bullying, but bullying is an intentional and repetitive thing. 28% percent of U.S. students just in grades 6-12 experience bullying. If you took a survey of all of the kids in 6th grade at OGMS, approximately 30 kids have experienced bullying. And that's a problem.

A punch can hurt, so can letters on a screen and words can be just as painful.

Let's say someone walks up to you and says, "You're so immature," gives you a sarcastic smile that makes you cringe. You feel horrible, right? You feel like screaming your heart out and throwing up but you don't, you just laugh along and pretend like you get the joke. Your mind is on it the entire day until you just forget about it. You aren't mad at them anymore and are still "friends" but always feel vulnerable when you're around them. DON'T do that. Something that hurts your feelings you should recognize, stand up for yourself, and say;

I don't care, I love myself and you can't do anything to break that.