The Rights

You must follow them!!!

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Law 1

The law of children

You must give children to the school on their second birthday!

Law 2

Test law

if you do not pass the test you will be banished from the city! Our city prepares you for the test and if you do not pass it is because of you!

Law 3

Law of job change

We give you a job based on your strengths and skills, it is against the law to try and change it!

Law 4

Being caught with opposite gender

It is against the law to be with the opposite gender until you have passed the test. if you don't pass it will always be against the law

Law 5

Law of ranks

After you take the test you are sorted into ranks, fortunates and unfortunates. That is your rank and it is illegal to try and leave it.

Law 6

leaving rank

it is always illegal to try and leave your rank. You earned it and deserve to stay there.