Delivering an Oral Presentation

by E Z Aragones


An excellent oral presentation is a product of three things: a well-chosen topic, sufficient research and understanding of the topic, and a solid preparation and practice. These three aspects should be looked at very carefully in order to be confident in delivering your speech.

Selecting a Topic

Unless the topic is explicitly prescribed, it is important the one selects the topic that he/she finds personally interesting or something that one genuinely wants to know more about. The student should come to a point of owning the topic and this will make the oral presentation naturally interesting.

Research and Organization

Once the topic is selected and approved, it is now time to gather and organize relevant information through research.

Things to bear in mind:

1. Use a combination of books as well as online resources.

2. Make sure to record all the resources that you have used in developing your topic.

3. Follow the proper format in writing your bibliography.

4. Structure your talk to three parts: Introduction, Body of your Talk, then your Conclusion.

5. Use visual aids to support your talk. Make sure that the visuals are clear and relevant.

Practice and Preparation

It is important the one practices the actual delivery before the actual assessment. There are many ways to practice the speech (presenting to the parents or siblings at home or in front of a mirror for instance) but the important thing is that a material time should be set aside for practice so that the assessed presentation should not be the first.

Things to consider:

1. Vary the way you use your voice. Some points in your presentation might need exaggeration or emphasis.

2. Do not speak too fast. You need to pause in appropriate points in your presentation.

3. Avoid repetitive habits, e.g. rocking from one foot to the other, scratching, etc.

4. Make sure to eye contact with the audience.

5. Aim to appear relaxed and confident.

6. Make sure not to read your notes word for word. You can use your cue cards to remind you of your key points but you need to elaborate appropriately without your notes.

Preparation Timeline for 8 Silver

February 4 (Thursday) - Initial research and selection of topic

February 5 (Friday) - Clarification and approval of the topic, start researching

February 8 (Monday) - Clarification of expectations and criteria for an oral presentation.

Contextualization of the topic on "holocaust"

Homework: Continue gathering information about your topic

February 11 (Thursday) - Research on one period, start organizing information

February 12 (Friday) - Finalizing organization of information, creating a Google Slides

for the presentation, working on the bibliography, complete

cards, rehearse.

February 17 (Weds) - Oral Presentation Assessment (Periods 2 and 3). Make sure to

come prepared.

Oral Presenation Assessment

Wednesday, Feb. 17th, 9:15am

Room D2.32

Oral Presentation Assessment shall be conducted during the two periods. Everyone should come prepared on this day,