Nick Facemyre

Homelessness and The Pursuit of Happiness

Saturday, March 7th, 10am-12pm

San Francisco, CA, United States

San Francisco, CA

Here, Chris Gardener will share his own personal story of how he went from homeless to a millionaire. Then he will talk about jow he helps homeless people and how you can too.

Order of events

First, he will share his story. Then he will talk about the homeless. Chris is a very inspiring speaker and should be a great guest. There are ways to help the homeless and he will speak of them. This will be a very inspiring talk. Chris will also be sharing ways he helps the homeless in his community.

This song was chosen because it is a sad song

Marilyn Manson- In the Shadow of the Valley of Death
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Homeless Children

Unfortunately, there are a lot of homeless children in USA. These children need help. a lot of children that are homeless are not enrolled in school. This is really quite awful. So far there have been some states that are attempting to tackle the problem. There has been a positive effect from this.