Why War?

Is war always the best option?

Why War?

Doesn't it sure suck when your just visiting a town with ruins everywhere you can just since the death in the air war comes with so much loss over the sometimes the smallest things in society. You have homeless people everywhere money problems it’s just so not worth it, but it’s so hard to get away from war it’s like they say ‘history is always repeating itself’.

There is so much destruction we have going on this has been happening for just too long sometimes. I think people just want to have war just to kill somebody and see them fall on to the ground with super easy all it takes is a shot. It’s not just that war is also causing so much heartbreak with loved ones dying and putting family through medical care which can truly make times tough.

Another reason why I think we have so many wars to this day is to get just to get rid of the population due to overcrowding and lack of resources. And the easiest way to so the overpopulation issues so that life would be easier for the rest of us and them. Is why I think we go to war for most of the reasons. When we have the science to send people to space and start making colonies than just spending all of this money on warfare.

There are tons of easier ways, such as maybe getting just one person from each country they fight to the death to decide who is right. This is way easier than spending millions of dollars so that life will be harder for me so that won’t increase taxes. We could just also do a game of rock, paper, and scissors with the ole best 2 out of 3 with no bloodshed at all. To solve our arguments with another nation just by through one big party, where the leaders will have to drink shot by shot one after the other and, whoever was to wasted will lose and has to accept the winners terms. As an individual who hates wars this is an easy and fun way to end things easily to save money and less damage, but in the end of everything everybody really wants to do. Is settle their issues and get what they want, at least this way it would be a funnier way to see and do things that happen will settle issues and they will also have a say in what happens.