Self-Propelled Boxcar Derby

Raven Correspondence School, Anchorage Office

Feel the NEED for SPEED!

Friday, Sep. 25th, 12:45-2:15pm

2020 West 48th Avenue

Anchorage, AK

Who: Grades K-12

Cost: $20/participant - You may use allotment funds if SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY or ART is on your student's ILP.

What is it?

A fun and engaging competition in which students will be challenged to design their own self-propelled derby car! At home, students will:

  1. Use a standard pinewood derby kit to construct their own car.
  2. Design a unique and original way for their car to propel itself forward without being pushed.
  3. Paint and/or decorate their car.

Then, all the student participants will gather together for the competition!

Participant Requirements

Deadline: In order to participate, you must e-mail Valerie ( by Friday, September 4 with:

  1. Student Name
  2. Student Grade
  3. Entry Type - Individual or Group
  4. Requested Payment Type - Allotment or Cash (payable at the Anchorage Raven Office by 4:30pm on Friday, September 4th)

Rules & Competition Information

Supplies: Each individual participant or group is limited to $20, including the cost of the derby kit but not including shipping costs, to:

  1. Construct your car using a standard pinewood derby kit.
  2. Paint or decorate your car.
  3. Make your car GO!


12:45pm: Arrive, Help Set Up and Get Your Car Ready!

1:00pm: Competition Begins

2:00pm: Awards Ceremony

2:15pm: Help Clean Up and Go Home!


There will be 4 award categories:

  1. Fastest: The car that's able to go the fastest speed, starting from a flat, stopped position and without being pushed.
  2. Farthest: The car that's able to go the farthest distance from a flat, stopped position without being pushed. We will measure distance by farthest point on the car's trajectory path compared to its starting point.
  3. Flashiest: The car that looks the most awesome! This is an award on which all participants and spectators will vote. Each person will be able to cast two votes.
  4. Freshest: The car that has the most innovative design for its self-propelling properties.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.